Digital Archives Project of National Taiwan University

4. Members

1. Digital Archives Project of NTU on Taiwan Historical Collections

National Taiwan University Library holds rich resources on Taiwan Studies. Three collections being digitalized are: (1) Tan-Hsin Archives, including 19,152 documents of 1,621 administrative and judicial court cases, recorded the economic, legal and social activities in northern Taiwan during the reign of Ching Dynasty (1776 -1895). (2)The Manuscripts of Ino Kanori (1867-1925), the pioneer of field studies in Taiwan , documented extensive researches on the languages, customs, and cultures of the indigenous people. (3) The Monumental Stone Rubbings, with the artistic designs and calligraphy works, depict the graceful culture and history. Besides, some of those monuments are no longer in existence.

2. Digital Archives Project of NTU on TAI Herbarium

TAI Herbarium , now a member of Institute of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology , has done continuous botanical surveys since 1929. There are about 250,000 specimens of vascular plants collected through years of excellent field works. TAI Herbarium also holds over 1,000 type specimens upon which a unique plant name is based. The advanced image process technique makes it possible of broader access to these valuable specimens. The digitalization work also includes six volumes of !¡±The Flora of Taiwan!¡L, which document the most complete inventory of vascular plants in Taiwan .

3. Digital Archives Project of NTU on the Insect Museum

The Department of Entomology continues gathering insect specimens and their related information to provide a further understanding for natural history. Including some valuable inheritance, more than 330,000 specimens are stored in the museum. However, the museum cannot display the collections regularly due to the limited space. With the digitalization project, the specimen collections are ready to function for general exhibitions, scientific educations and researches.

4. Digital Archives Project of NTU on Geosciences Collections

The Department of Geosciences houses abundant geological specimens, including 500 minerals, 450 rocks, 2,300 fossils, tens of gemstones, and many precious books, photos, and manuscripts. There are also more than 2,000 valuable pieces of minerals and rocks worldwide. Digitalizing the geosciences collections enable broader academic researches and educations. It also helps the public to understand geological resources and natural environment in Taiwan .

5. Digital Archives Project of NTU on Anthropological Collections

The Department of Anthropology has collected and preserved artifacts, photos, and archival documents of the aborigine groups and archaeological sites in Taiwan since the Ethnological Institute of Taihoku Imperial University was established in 1928. The digitalization of collection serves not only as an important anthropological research resource but also preserves the nation's precious cultural heritages.

6. Digital Archives Project of NTU on the Museum of Zoology

The Institute of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology joins the Digital Archives Project to create the digital museum of zoology. The collections include specimen, life history, distribution, body measurements, ecological photos, calls, field videos and original published papers of Taiwan 's wildlife species such as mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fishes, earthworms, mollusks, and coral reefs.

7. Digital Archives Project of NTU on Technical Supports and Services

The University Computer and Information Networking Center is designated to construct and maintain the integrated information system and infrastructure for the members of Digital Archives Project of National Taiwan University. It also provides technical supports and services including: a portal service of the Digital Archives Resource Center (DARC), knowledge management systems, as well as data storage and retrieval systems.


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