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Digital Archives Project of National Taiwan University

1. Introduction

Founded in 1928, National Taiwan University is the oldest research institute devoted to diverse fieldworks and houses one of the most comprehensive records of natural and cultural history in Taiwan . This legacy has provided a rich resource for various researches and has functioned as permanent references of lives on Earth.

Funded by National Science Council, Digital Archives Project of National Taiwan University has been initiated since 2002 to broaden public access to the heritage holdings. The digitalization of these collections involves a wide variety of content and data types, reflective of the many research specialties in National Taiwan University . Therefore, intensive information technology and resource-sharing information systems have been utilized to bring coherence to the digital preservation service while maintaining the independence of the university departments.

With the constructions of digital contents and database, the digital archives initiatives not only allow university faculty and students drawing upon the collections to enrich learning and researches but also serve a wider audience through internet access. Furthermore, the digital preservation of archives will be engaged on advancing knowledge innovation, facilitating value added creation and sustaining the national competitiveness.


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